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All course documents for the learning and development opportunities we offer can be accessed by logging in on the left hand side of this page with the login details assigned to course participants. If you’re interested in attending one of our courses, please contact Course Applications.

Please note, Stabilisation Unit courses are available to HMG Staff, UK Military and members of the Civilian Stabilisation Group (CSG) only.

The courses we will offer in 2018 - 2019 are:

HMG Conflict and Stabilisation Course

HMG Conflict and Stabilisation Course aims to provide participants with an overview of how HMG understands conflict, instability and insecurity, how it is guided and organised to respond under National Security Council leadership, and what tools and approaches it uses to operationalise this integrated response. Using case studies and group work, participants are given an opportunity to explore the challenges, responses, trade-offs, and lessons learned relating to HMG’s integrated delivery in conflict, stability, and security contexts.


HMG Understanding and Working with the Military Course 

HMG Understanding and Working with the Military Course aims to provide participants with an understanding of how the military plans, organises and operates, and how civilian advisers and civil servants can maximise their influence when working with the military. The course will use panel discussions led by experienced military or civilian staff, case studies, and a practical exercise to examine the four elements of how the military conducts its business: strategic, operational, tactical, and practical. It will provide an opportunity for HMG and partner staff to understand military planning and operating systems so as to be able to work cooperatively, constructively, and knowledgeably in delivering departmental objectives when working in a military environment or in partnership with the military.


HMG Security and Justice Course (Residential)

HMG Security and Justice Residential Course provides a practical introduction to the security and justice sectors, exploring the benefits and challenges of a coherent HMG approach and key lessons learned. While focusing on countries affected by conflict, it covers a range of contexts and types of HMG activity, reflecting the increasing number of dilemmas associated with delivering this work. It aims to promote better joint working practices across HMG and with external organisations and helps participants understand the links between policy and programming.


HMG Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict and Stabilisation Contexts Course

HMG Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict and Stabilisation Contexts Course aims to provide participants working in fragile and conflict-affected states with an understanding of how to undertake effective monitoring and evaluation of HMG programmes. Participants will gain insights into developing meaningful theories of change; creating targeted log frames/results frameworks and developing robust monitoring and evaluation plans for programmes in conflict-affected environments. This two-day interactive course is aimed at all staff across HMG working on conflict and stabilisation issues who need to be familiar with monitoring and evaluation in ways which integrate gender and conflict sensitivity.


HMG Gender, Conflict, and Stability.

HMG Gender, Conflict, and Stability Course aims to provide HMG staff, especially those working on conflict and security issues, and selected partners working regularly with HMG, with an insight into how HMG is delivering its Gender, Conflict, and Stability (GCS) commitments and an overview of the GCS agenda, including the National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security. Participants will gain an understanding of the role and importance of gender in all the UK’s work in fragile and conflict-affected states.


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