Stabilisation and Conflict Learning Resource


These publications, produced and managed by the Stabilisation Unit, provide guidance, information and technical advice on a range of thematic and deployment issues. They are primarily aimed at Her Majesty’s Government staff and those working on UK funded activities in conflict, justice, security and stabilisation. Alongside the main stabilisation related papers the Issues Notes provide short policy relevant guidance; the What Works guides provide technical tools and advice for programming and the Deployee Guides are practical guides for individuals being deployed to missions.


Elite Bargains and Political Deals Project

The Stabilisation Unit’s ‘Elite Bargains and Political Deals’ project has sought to provide a more robust evidence base for the UK’s approach to stabilisation and help policy makers deliver more effective interventions in conflict contexts.



Stabilisation Series - UK Approach and Principles of Stabilisation

The Stabilisation Series includes the revised UK Approach to Stabilisation (2014) Principles of Stabilisation and Security Sector Stabilisation. These outlines what stabilisation is from the UK perspective, and based on SU’s experience, how stabilisation should be applied. They are short guides meant for policy makers, programmers and deployees to guide them in designing and delivering stabilisation activities.  


Issues Notes - Describes goals, approaches, means and ends

The Issues Notes series provides introductions to issues that are important in Conflict and Stabilisation activities. They cover topics such as policing; analysis, planning and monitoring & evaluation.


What Works Series - Translates policy in to programmes

The What Works series provide tools for project officers and programme managers to apply in the field. They are linked to the policy guidance given in the Issues Notes. They cover issues of analysis, planning and monitoring & valuation and security sector stabilisation.


Deployee Guides - Essential operational knowledge

The Deployee Guides are for any civilians deploying in to United Nations Missions, European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Missions or Multi-national Military Headquarters. They provide information about their different working approaches and how deployees can adapt themselves to ensure they are effective in their roles


Programming Guidance

Practical advice based on lessons and experience about how to incorporate cross-cutting themes into programming. Targeted primarily at programme staff, the advice contained in these guides also forms the basis for our Learning from Experience workshops.


The National School of Government International Series

The National School of Government International (NSGI) Series is a new resource for policy makers, development experts, and overseas governments that are interested in centre of government and civil service reform. It is produced by the NSGI, a small cross-cutting unit, supporting HMG’s overseas objectives to increase the impact of aid interventions and build effective institutions using a practitioner to practitioner approach.


Conflict, Stability and Security Fund – Thematic Information Papers

These are information papers designed to orientate the cross-government conflict, stabilisation and security practitioner community on what CSSF-relevant programme approaches are currently employed across departments, and what sources of expertise, advice, guidance and lesson learning already exist.

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