Welcome to the relaunched CSG Portal!



Members of the Civilian Stabilisation Group (CSG) can use the CSG Portal to access information relevant to them, such as training opportunities, deployments information and details about CSG Vacancies. Log in details are assigned to all members upon joining. Should you be unsure of your log in details and unable to access your CSG Portal account, please contact us at UKCSG@dfid.gov.uk.

What is the Stabilisation Unit (SU)?

SU is a cross government, civil-military-police unit funded by the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) and includes the National School of Government International (NSGI). We are accountable to and take our priorities from the National Security Council (NSC).

We are a centre of expertise for HMG on conflict, stability, security and justice. SU provides advice and support to HMG departments that work on these issues in fragile and conflict-affected states, but do not ourselves have policy responsibility.

Our unique added value stems from being entirely cross-government, with the ability to work across other parts of HMG on a huge range of issues, from policy, to strategy development, to operations. Our network of regional and thematic expertise can support strategy and policy development, as well as programme design, implementation and evaluation.

SU is highly flexible, responding rapidly in a crisis and targeting support to facilitate integrated policy-making, planning and delivery in Whitehall and in country. Civil servants from over ten government departments, as well as serving military and police officers, are also able to provide in-house expertise.

Our thematic areas of expertise include:

  • Civil Service and centre of government reform (NSGI)
  • Conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity
  • Conflict prevention and peace-building
  • Counter-extremism and organised crime
  • Counter terrorism
  • Defence engagement and defence reform
  • Governance
  • Gender
  • International policing (including the Joint International Policing Hub)
  • Migration
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Political processes
  • Security and justice including security sector reform
  • Stabilisation
  • Strategic communications

Structure and composition of the CSG

As part of its work, SU recruits to and coordinates the CSG. The CSG is made up of a flexible pool of experts and includes contractors, civil servants and serving UK police officers specialising in a wide range of thematic areas of expertise. The CSG operates on a 'two-stage' recruitment basis; SU initially recruits individuals to become members of the CSG pool, and then recruits from that pool as and when expertise is required for individual tasks.

The CSG is made up of Deployable Civilian Experts (DCEs), the Civil Service Stabilisation Cadre (CSSC), and a pool of serving UK police officers. DCEs – which make up the bulk of the CSG – are split into the following three groups:

DCEs account for roughly 72% of CSG membership, with CSSC members making up 21% and serving police 6%.

If you know anyone who is interested in applying to join the CSG, please direct them to the Stabilisation Unit recruitment webpage for more information.